Accidental Nip Slip on Wasted Club Girl

Time & Date: August 29, 2006 @ 4:57 am

If you visit this site regularly, you may remember this super-wasted club girl, because it turns out I’ve posted another angle of her nip slip, in the past. It’s a damn good nip slip, and in this version of the slip she looks even more shitfaced, like she can barely keep her eyes open. Plus, she’s pushing that dude’s hand away from her crotch and that’s never fun. But at least we can gawk at her exposed nipples/tits.

I’m wondering if the way this guy is grabbing her is just an excuse to cop a feel on her almost totally exposed little boobie. or maybe he’s the one that pulled her nipple out in the first place, for a little pinch, and she’s too fuckered-up to realize that we all can see her nipple. She probably didn’t even realize anyone took these photos, which is even hotter, because she has no idea.

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