Drunk Girl Gets Her Nipple Licked

Time & Date: October 4, 2007 @ 12:13 am

Although, not as voyeuristic as catching a nip slip, any nipple (from a woman, of course) making a public appearance, or private for that matter, is a-okay with me! Especially, when there’s another drunk cutie’s tongue wrapped around it. Actually, it doesn’t look like she meant to expose her girlfriend’s nipple, so maybe it is an official “slip”.

I’m still wondering what it is about alcohol that turns so many girls into instant lesbians. I’m not complaining, or anything. I mean, I much rather have them drunk, horny and alone with me, but if not, the next best thing is them with another woman. As long as I get to watch, of course. ;)

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7 Responses to “Drunk Girl Gets Her Nipple Licked”

  1. Rodrigo Oliveira Said:

    Nice blonds

  2. George Said:

    Hi I love this picture so much I want to cum all over it.

  3. Karen Said:

    This has happened to me. Trust me, the other woman’s tongue often ends up in my pussy!

  4. Mel Said:

    I wanna knoq the last girls phone numver

  5. Mel Said:

    Hey karen cal me at 2057672700 i like gils like you

  6. Renata Said:

    Nice girls


  7. terryn Said:

    who cares if it was accidental, let their sexiness prevail and show the nip and suckel

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